Are Your Characters Poor?

I found myself needing to research just WHAT is middle class in my state. Yes, my story is set, loosely, in the state where I currently reside. : )

How much money do you have to make to be middle class? For myself, the numbers were a tiny bit discouraging, but the chart linked below helped me out tremendously figuring out what my main character in my book, From Where I Lived, made before the world went down in volcanic ash. I’m guesstimating that his take home pay was roughly $29K. Seemed right. Why should I go to all the trouble to look this up? Stuart White answers that question HERE.

I found a site where you can look up what the median income and middle class income numbers are per state. It was immensely helpful in helping me figure out my character and where he was financially before volcano eruptions.

Hope this helps your with your writing journey!

What do you use to help build your characters? Comment below…



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