Chapter One (Coming Soon!)

I’m Scout. Thank you for visiting!

I’m a self-published author of paranormal romance (among other things) and this is where I’m posting chapters of my books, one at a time. Like episodes or serials.

I like to think I’m following a Dickensian tradition. You know, like olde tyme newspaper publications.  Or, I’m only posting as it’s being written
…or AM I?
Please read and enjoy, share my page, and come back for more.



I'm a stay-at-home mom writer and blogger. Writing my novel!

2 thoughts on “Chapter One (Coming Soon!)

  1. stuart white

    Found the blog fascinating, Scout. As a published novelist and optioned screenwriter I’d like to comment on your heartfelt plea about the “just do it” comments, which don’t seem to help you.

    I think actually you’ve found your own solution. PLAN the book. A structural outline is almost vital when writing a book (or screenplay. That way when you come to the ‘just do it’ bit you actually know what to ‘just do’. If you know in the Chapter Three that you’ve reached you’ve outlined that the heroine is disappearing back into the Medieval period or whatever, then you can write it. The structure isn’t a prison, though; you CAN and probably will deviate from it at some point, but having it gives you a framework, and a psychological feeling that you’re not expected to conjure something up out of thin air. I also think it’s a good idea to know the end of your novel. What happens to the hero/heroine/villain, for example. When you know the end it gives you an idea of where the novel should be going.
    The creativity period: I’m a night owl like your old man, often leaving the desk at gone 2-30 am. Mornings – especially early mornings – I’m good for nothing. Having read so much propaganda I did try that 5 am start thing. It damned near killed me. My brain isn’t in gear at that time in a morning. YOU have to find the time that suits YOU, when you find you’re at your most creative, and try to organise your schedule around that. For new readers I must confess that I know you, I’m a family friend and I’ve read your work. You have REAL talent so I hope you persevere. Remember that think of Edison’s about genius being 1% inspiration and 99% dedication (or hard work or whatever). Genius or not, we have to put those hours in. You’re sculpting a statue, taking away the bits of stone you need to to get the figure you’re carving. So you might have to write 10,000 words to get the 3,000 you want. That’s the slog part. Anyway, impressed with the blog. It’s articulate and incisive. Wish you luck with it AND the writing. Last word on the outline thingy. Work out say 15 Chapters and do an outline for each 1 thru 15. Sometimes when I get what is commonly called writers’ block but is frequently just blue funk, cowardice or laziness, I look at my books on the shelf and talk to myself aloud. “Call yourself a bloody writer? You wrote these didn’t you? Well what do writers do? Yes..quite, they write, not talk about it or sit watching old movies.” Then I sit at the desk on whatever project I have and say I’m going to write something, anything, even if it’s only a laundry list. That way you slowly get your self-respect back, because you’re working, AND you come up with something that can later be re-written, even ditched, but IS/ARE work n’words. You’re good. Just hang in there.

    • Stuart,
      So very appreciative of this comment! It’s inspiring to get writing advice from a veteran of not only book publishing, but also journalism and screenwriting. Yes, you’re right. Writing is often 99% slogging through it. But it’s so worth it if you can produce that 1% of gold! I think I have found my “sweetspot” in the outline, at least for this book. I’m feeling more in touch with the book than I have with any of the other 99 million (hyperbole alert…) drafts. Do you ever feel that way? Like there’s this distance, this 3rd party objective feeling until you get the story right and then suddenly it feels like it clicks? I also went ahead and did a minimalist version of character outlines. In my case, for this is a romance, who wants to hook up with whom and with whom they actually end up.
      And, I DO indeed have an ending for this book! Hallelujah! Ok…maybe not completely the end…because this book is planned for the first of a trilogy. But I’ve planned for the end of THIS book. I feel like I can finally see the book, like a movie, in my head. It’s taken me TWO YEARS to get the outline to where it does that for me. I sure hope it doesn’t take me as long for the next book. But it has made the writing “flow” so very very much easier.
      Thanks again so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to comment also for the praise. Many thanks.

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