Why is the only creative writing advice I get, “just do it?”

We all get the same advice when it comes to writing, “sit your butt down in a chair and do it.” Every writer’s self-help book I have picked up, every article I have read, ever author interview I’ve watched, they have said this at least once.

As a relative newcomer into the creative writing community, i have to ask…why can’t we get more direction as this?

Is it just me that is having A LOT of trouble with the just do it advice?

I have literally gone through 24 versions of my paranormal romance novel, not getting very far past chapter 3 each time, with this process. It’s not working for me. Because I actually want to FINISH my novel. You know what I mean?

So, I’m trying a new tactic. I’m sure it has been advised by someone somewhere. I’m outlining the whole book. Sure, I’ll write as it comes to me. But I’m going to outline and character sheet this bad boy and see where it takes me…

What’s your process?



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