3 Ways to Write in the Morning

Lets get real here. If you’re not a morning person to begin with and and you have stuff that keeps you up at night (ahemmmm…small child) how are we really going to get up in the mornings? Especially to write. We all love to write, but it’s just so hard to sit down and do it. Especially for neurotic mommas (ahem…me) who try to do everything. Sure, that sink of dirty dishes you left last night REALLY CAN wait the 20, 30 or 60 minutes you allotted to writing.

I can tell myself, “NO, you did NOT get up at 5am to do the dishes, damn it! ” But…*sigh* what do I find myself doing at 5:30am? Dishes…omg And that’s if I actually roll out of bed long enough to press the coffee button.

Here are my 5 tips that help me to get up and get moving so I can meet my #wordcount #goals.

#1 Let it goooooo….

Cue the Frozen sound track that we all have a love/hate relationship with…

I’m getting better one day at a time at letting things go. That’s really a numero uno, especially if you are a parent. It seems like there is always, always something else that needs to be done right now or the world will end. Somewhere you have to go, etc.

Trying to create time (notice, I said create time, not find time) to do what it important to you is a challenge. As Crystal Paine has said, in her amazing book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode there are seasons in your life where anything beyond the basics, and many times THE BASICS (*ahem* can anyone say laundry?), seem to be a hurdle over which you have no energy to jump. You sit and stare blankly at your to do list that is longer than your car and just wonder, what…the…hell.

But, you can just let stuff go. You can. I can. We can.

#2 Give yourself a reward

Sure, this might not be the best solution…Shouldn’t we just want to get up to write so we can fill our souls, better our lives and finish what we started? Sure….But then life happens. When the SHTF, what are we really going to think about? I know what I think about: How am I going to survive the eternity that is the hours before bed time so I can crash from exhaustion?”

But really. Establishing a reward has helped me out. Here’s how…

I’m a grocery budget drill sergeant. If it’s not essential or healthy, it gets struck off the list. We have a tiny grocery budget and we do what we can with it using coupons and a strategy. (here, I must say thanks to Crystal Paine, Dave Ramsey and KrogerKrazy) But, at the end of the day, there’s just not that much to work with when it comes to grocery money. And we hardly ever have money for things like fancy coffee creamer. My amazing husband (@knightsbayne), for Mother’s Day, gave me a huge bottle of my favorite fancy coffee creamer. He’s an amazing, wonderful, sexy man. And I love him.

I’m a giant coffee fan. Love, love, love. So, I reward myself with coffee + coffee creamer in the mornings when I get up to write. Delish.

Sure, it’s nothing huge, but sometimes it’s just the little things in life that can make a hugely positive difference.

#3 Remind yourself, “why.”

Why are you doing this? Ask yourself, and then answer your own question. When my phone alarm goes off at 5am so I can get up to write, I have a reminder programmed into my phone that pops up. It’s more like a challenge actually: “1,000 words, Don’t you want to be a writer?”

So, that’s what helps me out. Share what helps you in the comments below. Happy Writing!!!



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