3 Ways to Write When the Universe Conspires Against You

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This past Friday morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 and realized I’d forgotten to set my coffee. As in I’d forgotten to put the coffee and water into the pot, you know, get it ready for the push of the button. To have delicious caffeine elixir #writingfuel delivered into the pot at the easy push of a button. I like my coffee with white chocolate creamer and sugar. If you’re a fellow #coffeeaddict, post your favorite coffee prep below…

It may seem like a small thing, but turning on my coffee pot and having coffee at the touch of a button instead of having to set it up at 5:30 in the morning when I’m ALREADY having to coax myself out of bed is just…too… much. Setting up my coffee the night before is part of my plan for what I call, Day to Day Prepper. This is what I call my system to get things that are important, like writing, done every day. It’s also part of my why I’m-making-myself-get-up-to-write morning routine. Just shows you how one, just ONE little thing can throw you off…

Or, ok let’s up the stakes here. How about two little things throwing you off? Or…more like one little thing and one BIG thing.  First the coffee and then my lifeline to my blog…THE INTERNET.

My internet wasn’t working and my book is on the online service, Google Docs…Yikes…How was I supposed to get any work done?

I was just ready to GIVE UP!

So in the 5 minutes that I cursed at my internet while I tried restarting, unplugging, updating…I did a little soul searching. I asked myself, “What is really important here?”

The answer: Get those DAMN words on the page!

So, that’s exactly what I did. I opened up a blank word document and just started writing. I knew where I had left off in the story because I could lookup my latest revision on my phone. I contemplated just doing my writing on my phone, but my morning brain just couldn’t handle that. And who really wants to write a novel on their iPhone? I mean, really? Ok, yes I do occasionally get inspiration on the road while my husband is driving and just text away into Google Docs like a mad woman. But not that Friday morning. But I just took a deep breath, sipped at my now-cold coffee and did 20 minutes of writing for my story. I’d find where to put it in the novel later…

As Stuart White says…Nothing is EVER wasted when you write, you can always go back and cannibalize it, strip it like an old engine and take the best bits.”

After I had gotten about a page of writing done, THEN it was late enough for me to call an actual person at my internet service company to help me with the internet issue. So I spent some time ironing it out. Turns out, internet service locked out because we used too much data. That’s what happens when you run two home-based businesses and don’t update your internet accordingly! My husband started a Twitch channel…you can find him HERE on Twitch tv. He rocks… : )

So, what should you do when it seems like the universe is conspiring against you?


I use Google Drive and Google Docs to do my writing. I should have downloaded Google Drive to my computer so that I have access offline. I learned my lesson and have since done just that! I also should have helped out my morning routine by setting up my coffee the night before. A  routine is a great way to get the creative ideas going and from there words on your page.


This, I did. I had access to my latest revision of my novel on my phone, so I just looked up where I left off. From there, I opened a new document on the word processor on my computer and started writing. Not the smoothest or best way, but a way to just get those words down.


Whatever happens, there’s always a way to get around it, work with it or learn from it. Don’t give up on your dream! Will you have to occasionally resort to a paper napkin and your kid’s crayon? Maybe, but perhaps you can use those caveman tools to write up a nugget of gold. #inspiration

What do you do to make sure you get those words on the page every day? Comment below…




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