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This week started out great. I was doing power yoga, getting up early and getting that #wordcount up! Then, life happened.

Anyone with a child knows that 10pm, a two year old and a wet bed are a combination that makes misery. My poor baby ended up dumping apple juice all over his bed. He fell asleep and it just dripped everywhere. He’s just so pitiful when he’s sleepy too. He was not happy to be woken up and changed. By the grace of God, he went right back to sleep, but it took what felt like 5 years to get his new pillow and sheets on the bed. I’m STILL trying to dry out the pillow he dumped apple juice on.

It’s this kind of interruption, this LIFE thing, that sometimes gets in the way. I didn’t get up early the next morning, Tuesday, like I had planned. And I guess I just got thrown off my game, so Wednesday I didn’t either. Dragging myself out of bed this morning I did feel more rested. Goes to show you, sometimes you just need to rest.  I was starting to feel like it just wasn’t working out, this blogging and writing thing.

This in combination with other life happenings brought me to where I am. Here. But that’s really the only place where you can truly be. The only place that matters.

I had to review my list of “Whys…” I explored this list in depth, here.

 Why should you stay motivated to do something that is hard? Why shouldn’t I just roll over in bed and just go back to sleep or watch a TV show instead of doing some writing?
When you tell yourself that your dreams and goals are just not that important, your soul dies a little each time. I know, I’ve been there.
Where you are RIGHT NOW is where you can make your choice. Yesterday is done and tomorrow remains to be seen. Choose now.
What are you choosing today?



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