Decluttering is Part of My #nanowrimo Novel Editing Process


I’ve made it a goal to reduce clutter and get organized so I can have room in my life to write. I need to write! Here are the goals I’m working towards to make it easier for me to accomplish my writing goals. #wordcount!

My goals:

  1. Reduce Physical clutter
  2. Reduce Mental clutter
  3. Improve Organization


I’ve made some progress with physical de-cluttering as you can see below…


declutter part 1


And after:




This is kind of reminds me of those games they have. With the two pictures and you have to spot the difference? Yes. I know the progress is small, but it is forward progress! Our house is lovely and small, so we store stuff where we can. Including a baby mobile and a stroller behind my writing chair! LOL We’ll find better spots for these as I work on cleaning out, reorganizing and tossing stuff. But progress is just that…progress. And I’m 31 weeks preganant. So, GO ME!

As is somewhat obvious from the photos, I’ve gotten rid of some stuff. I’m not finished, keep in mind, but I’ve made progress with reducing physical clutter. Here are the highlights:

  • 2 large bags of shredded documents
  • Old envelopes
  • Outdated coupons
  • Blank recipe cards
  • Kid’s toys


My husband came through for this one! He bought me Scrivner for Christmas! Yes, this is a writer’s dream-boat program used to write ANYTHING and it can be used, unlike regular word processors, to write in a non-linear fashion with ease. Hence reducing mental clutter.

I don’t write in a a very linear fashion. I like to move scenes around and follow characters around. Somehow, I ended up writing in a more or less linear fashion for #nanowrimo2015, but I can assure you that I will not be #editing in a linear fashion. No way…I’ve only had the program downloaded for a few days and I’m already in love with it!

In addition or organizing my writing with Scrivner – thank you@knightsbayne! – I’ve organized my 2015 paperwork in preparation for tax season. So that’s a weight off my chest! I’ll be getting to that in January. I have to think ahead since I have #secondbaby due in March2016!!! And seriously, who on Earth wants to deal with taxes while trying to nurse a barely-month-old infant? Show of hands? *hint* (not me!)


I got some some super pantry organization tools for Christmas!

One for cans:

One for small food items:

My husband also built me…AN HONEST TO GOODNESS PANTRY! We had been using a bookshelf to store all our pantry items, but my husband crafted me a pantry. This was especially necessary since I’m in my second year of couponing and stockpiling is, well, a thing now. LOL

My new pantry in progress:


pantry in progress


Finished product:

As part of improving organization, my next project is to make room for #secondbaby, which means clearing out stuff.

Where our baby bed is “supposed” to go!

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me! Wish me luck and check back to see how I’m doin’!

What are your declutter and organization hurdles?





3 Reasons Decluttering is Part of My  #nanowrimo Novel Editing Process

This is what my writing space looks like. When I tried to sit down to edit my 50k word novel, I was faced with this.


So, I decided that in order to free my mind to edit my finished novel, I need to de-clutter my space!

 I’ll be working on this for the next few weeks, so follow me as I update this process.  

I’ll be working on editing, but as I describe here, it’s very hard to concentrate in this setting.

#1 – The Physical Clutter Clutters My Brain

Just seeing all of this mess makes my brain swim. I’m hate feeling like I have left something important undone, and who knows what is under that pile of junk! As I sit to write, I get that niggling feeling in the back of my brain that somewhere buried under this mess are important documents I have yet to sort or deal with, it is very hard for me to concentrate on my writing.

#2 – I Know I Have a Time Limit

In this mess I also have all the documents I need for getting my taxes done. I’ll be sorting through it all and prepping for tax season 2016 at the same time. I do my own taxes. This year I have a baby due in March! So, it would be a bad idea to wait ’til April to file. I know that I need to get my taxes done in January 2016 and I can’t do that until I have this mess cleaned up.

#3 – I Can’t Find Anything!

From my couponing to stamps to handwritten notes on my novel, I don’t know where anything is! It frustrates me when I take a look at “the pile” knowing I’ll need to sift through it all to find something. 

Next year, I plan to be more organized and keep up with paperwork throughout the year. But for now, I must press on!

How do you keep clutter at bay? Or are you still struggling like me?

NaNoWriMo Winner 2015

I won #NaNoWriMo!

I won #NaNoWriMo!

This year, after trying since 2008, I finally won #Nanowrimo. It was a long hard month, but after 7 years of failed attempts, I was able to finish. It felt so amazingly wonderful to know, even if it is absolutely terrible, there is a completed 50K book waiting for me on my Google docs.

My husband @knightsbayne was absolutely my cheerleader for this venture along with my very good friend Stuart White. It helps to much to have people to encourage you, especially when you don’t feel like going on.

I would sit at my computer some evenings (and 5am mornings) and just wonder if it would be worth it in the end. But my husband, by turns (helpful)slave driver and lover/cheerleader would always encourage me to sit my butt in the chair and get ‘er done. Even when I was a day behind. I can tell you, facing that blank page in mid November was very difficult. After skipping a day, because I was just feeling so sick, I was facing completing over 3K words in one day in order to stay on track. Word sprints did help, but mostly it was just sitting down, sometimes with a timer, and not letting my fingers stop going on the keyboard.

And Stuart White was always incredibly encouraging telling me what a great job I was doing despite obstacles like pregnancy, husband sickness, toddler’s sickness and my own weekend where I felt like I was so sick I was going to curl up and die.

Thank you also, to my wonderful local #nanowrimo participants who welcomed me to their write-in. : )

Now, it’s on to editing. Happy writing!