3 Reasons Decluttering is Part of My  #nanowrimo Novel Editing Process

This is what my writing space looks like. When I tried to sit down to edit my 50k word novel, I was faced with this.


So, I decided that in order to free my mind to edit my finished novel, I need to de-clutter my space!

 I’ll be working on this for the next few weeks, so follow me as I update this process.  

I’ll be working on editing, but as I describe here, it’s very hard to concentrate in this setting.

#1 – The Physical Clutter Clutters My Brain

Just seeing all of this mess makes my brain swim. I’m hate feeling like I have left something important undone, and who knows what is under that pile of junk! As I sit to write, I get that niggling feeling in the back of my brain that somewhere buried under this mess are important documents I have yet to sort or deal with, it is very hard for me to concentrate on my writing.

#2 – I Know I Have a Time Limit

In this mess I also have all the documents I need for getting my taxes done. I’ll be sorting through it all and prepping for tax season 2016 at the same time. I do my own taxes. This year I have a baby due in March! So, it would be a bad idea to wait ’til April to file. I know that I need to get my taxes done in January 2016 and I can’t do that until I have this mess cleaned up.

#3 – I Can’t Find Anything!

From my couponing to stamps to handwritten notes on my novel, I don’t know where anything is! It frustrates me when I take a look at “the pile” knowing I’ll need to sift through it all to find something. 

Next year, I plan to be more organized and keep up with paperwork throughout the year. But for now, I must press on!

How do you keep clutter at bay? Or are you still struggling like me?



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