Decluttering is Part of My #Nanowrimo Novel Editing Process-Part 3

Saturday’s Decluttering Session:

This is where I started Saturday. Yesterday was a marathon session of decluttering and organizing. In order to make more time for me to write, I need to be able to find stuff and for my #firstbaby to actually WANT to go in his room! lol

As I worked, boxing up clothes according to size, I listened to my new favorite podcast, The Portfolio Life by Jeff Goins. #066 is the episode with Stacy Claflin about how to make a living as a fiction writer. Right up my alley since that’s what I want to do. She even has a few books for free right at the start. I’ll be reading these after I finish Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz. It’s a library loan and about to expire and I’m super into the story!

As I finally started boxing everything up with packing tape and labeling, I started to see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I also stumbled upon an interview on The Portfolio Life with guest Amy Porterfield. She’s a powerhouse of insight and ideas on how to make money online and make the transition from day job to WAHM.


Ahhh….so much better. By this time though, was starting to burn out and my pregnant belly was making my back hurt. So I took a break and snuggled with #firstbaby.


After some snuggles with #firstbaby, tea and continuing listening to podcasts, I finished up.



Here is everything I boxed up for the attic. Stuff that will be way too big for #secondbaby and too small for #firstbaby. You can also see our Christmas tree all boxed up too, ready for the attic. We’re not the only ones who wait to long to take down the tree, right?

These are clothes for both my boys! #secondbaby will be arriving in March. I feel much more ready now.  

It took me all week to do this. I finished up Saturday, but this came after I invested about an hour per day all week in getting clothes sorted. All the pictures are from Saturday’s session. Whew!!! This is what Decluttering looks like.

I donated 4 giant bags of clothes and toys too. I can’t believe how we fit all that stuff in our tiny house!

If I can easily find everything I need for my babies, I have more time to write! This is a long term investment.

What are you doing in your life to make room for writing?



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2 thoughts on “Decluttering is Part of My #Nanowrimo Novel Editing Process-Part 3

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  2. Agreed! I’ve continued the decluttering process in the rest of my house! Seems November is the time to get rid of things holding you back. It’s the month to be thankful for what I have and let go of things that are adding unnecessary weight to my life.

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