Goals for 2016 – Review of Week #1

Progress on goals:

This past week has been the first full week of 2016 and a test of resolve for my New Years Resolutions and goals. So far, I have hit all of my goals.

Week One:

GOAL #1: Exercise 3 days per week -check!

I made two days at the gym this past week! Also, two days I exercised by walking around the block with #firstbaby.

GOAL #2: Write 30 minutes per day 4 days per week-check!

I made it this week clocking over two hours total writing. Scrivner is helping me keep on track as well as RescueTime.

GOAL #3: Post 1 Blog Post Every Two Weeks-check!

I’ve posted 4 blog posts this past week:

Decluttering: http://www.onethousandwordstohome.com/2016/01/decluttering-is-part-of-my-nanowrimo-novel-editing-process-part-3/

Novel editing: http://www.onethousandwordstohome.com/2016/01/editing-nanowrimo2015-novel-editing-day-2/


About my goals to be a WAHM writer: http://www.onethousandwordstohome.com/2016/01/goals-for-2016-becoming-a-writer-wahm/




I’m a stay-at-home mom writer and blogger. Writing my novel!

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