Five Recipes Reviewed: January 2017

I made a few meals this week. Most were tried and true deliciousness!

(Edited to add in Feburary of 2018: As of today, my family doesn’t like or eat anything from this list with the sole exception of the Whole Wheat Banana Bread. We had these recipes a few times, got tired of them really quickly, and never wanted them again. After a few tries, they were neither very tasty nor in keeping with our diets.)

I also tried a new recipe this week! I purchased a few cookbooks from NewLeafWellness and I’m trying out recipes.

(I’ve included the links in case you’re interested.)

Recipe Reviews from January,Week 4:

From NewLeafWellness:

Singaporean Chicken Rice Stew (PAID) Rating: B+

Make Ahead Freezer Chicken Fajitas (FREE) Rating: A

Modified from AmandatheVirtuousWife:

Chicken Enchiladas Freezer Meal (FREE) Rating: A

My Recipes!:


Tuna Casserole – TUNA CASSEROLE 2017 (download free) A+

Singaporean Chicken Rice Stew (Rating B+)

I loved this. However, my husband did not like the ginger in it. LOL.

My 11-month-old also LOVED this and ate most of mine when I fixed a bowl. Surprisingly, it makes a wonderful first food as the chicken and carrots cook down very soft.

The recipe has some Asian flavoring including soy sauce and sesame oil which I enjoyed. The recipe is super easy and I already had everything in my pantry. I used brown rice too, so healthy.

Make Ahead Freezer Chicken Fajitas (Rating A)

I had a leftover bell pepper so I did a half-recipe for this. I wanted to use up my bell pepper. I had everything else to make up this freezer meal. I left out the chicken because we buy in bulk and freeze in serving sized portions. I just take out a little bag of pre-frozen chicken with this meal and that makes it!

I used left-over bell pepper:

My husband likes this dish. Not so much as some of my other meals, but it’s good enough to get an A rating.

Chicken Enchiladas (Rating A+)

I’ve modified the original recipe to our taste. that’s why I’ve give it such a high rating!

I made a pan…

and I froze a pan…

I’m not a strong cook and depend heavily on recipes. And with two small kids underfoot, I don’t have much time to devote to following anything complex. That’s why I totally love freezer crockpot meals! This one however, goes in your oven. It’s almost easier. Because I don’t really have to defrost it. I can take it from the freezer and put it straight into the oven.

Do not put a cold dish in your hot oven!

NOTE: I line the casserole dish all the way with tinfoil. Top and bottom. Then put it in the freezer. After the dish is frozen I remove it from the casserole dish and transfer the food (still with the tin foil) to a plastic freezer bag, label, and return to the freezer. That way I can safely remove my casserole dish from the freezer!

It’s simple to place your food back in a casserole dish when you want to cook it. Simply stick it back in the casserole dish and either bake or defrost as needed.

Alterations to Amandathevirtuouswife’s recipe:

  • corn tortillas instead of flour
  • chicken for the ground beef
  • omitted the refried beans and tomatoes/chilies (husband doesn’t care for them)
  • I used a large (cheap) tub of taco seasoning to taste instead of packets
  • no sour cream

Overall, this is an easy and ingredient-flexible recipe. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of getting started with freezer cooking!

Whole Wheat Banana Bread (Rating A+)

I’ve toyed with this recipe for years to make it my son’s favorite breakfast food! I always use my muffin paper cups and mini-muffin pan. He will ONLY eat the mini-muffins. I love this recipe, so I thought I’d share it here for you guys.


Tuna Casserole (Rating A+)

I love tuna casserole. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods. By the end of this week, I needed some of that.

I had all the ingredients stocked in my pantry, so WIN. I threw this together. Recipe – TUNA CASSEROLE 2017

The End of An Exhausting Week

Last week was long and is stretching into this week. The kids are still sick. Bringing them to the doctor tomorrow.

I spent a little time this evening while my kids were occupied (and finally not crying) getting some neglected cleaning done. My kitchen, living room and dining room are acceptably clean. I’m mostly caught up on laundry.

Writing this while winding down with chocolate and a glass of red wine. Got to gear up for another week of sick kids. Still trying to get over this myself.







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