How do I Save Money on My Grocery Budget and is Couponing Really Worth It?

Is Couponing REALLY worth it?

Because I LOVE couponing, and won’t shut up about it, I get asked this question all the friggin’ time. Lol

The short answer to the question is hell YES…and no. Maybe not. Sort of.

Confused yet?

The long answer is you will probably save money, depending upon where you are in your life.

If you can comfortably afford expensive things and you don’t sweat it at the end of the month because your grocery money is NOT about to run dry, then you likely don’t really NEED to coupon.

Hint: this is not me. I sweat at the end of some/most months when I’m getting to the last of my grocery money. Sometimes I’m not the best when it comes to making it last. So what? I’m not perfect, ‘kay?

Yes. Some people who DO have the rich money lifestyle do spend time couponing because they like to coupon. And they do it for the joy of couponing to save money on their grocery budget. That’s awesome. It’s certainly not me, but that’s awesome.

A good way to determine if it would be worth it to you to spend about an hour putting together your coupons before a grocery trip (yes, only an hour) would be to calculate how much your time is worth.

For example, say you make $10.00 per hour. Couponing for only ONE HOUR saves $75 on your next grocery trip. In this scenario, hell yes! Couponing is worth it!!! This is like making $75 in ONE HOUR.

So, if you’re still reading this post, then you’ve determined that you DO indeed think couponing would be worth it to you. And YES, the above example is real life. I have saved $75 on a single grocery trip using coupons (which amounted to a little more than 50% off my grocery bill.)

Will you immediately see those kinds of results if you’re a newbie? No, probably not. But you know what? That’s ok!

Everyone has a learning curve to learn anything. And you CAN do this!

Now, to the myths I always hear next.

But there are only coupons for junk!

A common misconception is that you can only buy junk with coupons.

Yes. and No.

I’ll explain:

There are always new coupons

Whereas you may only (for a period of time) be able to find coupons for a few things that you don’t eat/use, there are a LOT of coupons out there. A lot.

There are new coupons every. Single. Day.

While there may not be a coupon for something you use RIGHT NOW, keep your eyes peeled. There will eventually be a coupon for something you use. I promise.

You can use coupons for household stuff

If you buy paper towels with a coupon at rock bottom price, you can afford to buy more broccoli! (yes. I love broccoli.)

I don’t get the paper, so I can’t coupon.

Neither do I! I don’t get the paper and I rarely use the ones from the paper. I do get donations of coupons from the paper if someone else knows I coupon and they don’t use them. My mom saves her paper coupons for me.

Thanks mom! (My mom is the best, fyi. Her blog is here.)

Also, if I find a super good deal and I need more paper coupons, I go to the library. They have a coupon bin that’s free for all. Check with your library! It’s not just for books anymore.

What Coupons do you use?

I use digital coupons on store apps, store coupons that I get in the mail, and printables from the internet. Hint: digital coupons are the best. Seriously.

But couponing is so hard! You must be so organized.

Nope. And Nope. Ask my husband if I’m organized. Go on. Ask him.

I dare you.


What do you do?

I do follow a lot of VERY organized people who provide detailed couponing deals on their blogs. And I follow their instructions! Keep reading and I’ll share my absolute favorite resources for this.

Here are a few of my favorite resources. I have put them in order for your convenience and reading pleasure.



BEFORE you start couponing, I would highly suggest reading this article on where to start with meal prepping. Yes. Meal prepping and planning out your meals, at least loosely is absolutely the way to start. This is an excellent place for anyone to start who is looking to save money on food.

Frugal Farm Wife:

If you wanna get suuuuper into this, Frugal Farm Wife even has a course! I took the course. It saved me $100 in one month. (I am an affiliate for the course. I do make money if you purchase the course with my link.


Read this series of posts by Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom


Read this post, also by Crystal Paine. Can you tell I’m a fan?

How to get Started with coupons


Find deals and coupon matchups for your favorite store

If you have a Kroger or any of their affiliate stores in your area, 100% check out this website. I’m a Kroger Krazie!!!! I seriously check this site every single day. No joke.

Kroger Krazy:


Make your list, gather your coupons and jump in! Just remember, start small.

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know! You can also email me. And sign up for my newsletter.




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