By Morgan Paige Allain aka The Inkling Girl

Artwork By Morgan Paige Allain aka The Inkling Girl

Hi! I’m Scout. I’m a wife and WAHM (Work-at-Home-Mom). I’m finishing my first book drafted during NanoWriMo 2015. It’s a romantic thriller involving werewolves. I will be self-publishing to Amazon Kindle.

Like lots of moms/parents out there, I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. February of 2016, after I had #secondbaby, that dream became reality! I’m now a WAHM writer. And I have my husband, @knightsbayne, to thank for that. He has always been supportive of my crazy ideas, no matter how impossible they might seem. And for two people with our tiny income to go from two incomes to ONE income, for years it DID seem impossible.

After two years of budgeting and learning frugality, we’ve finally made it. I’ll never say it’s easy, but we made it. I love our kids so much, I’ve always wanted to be at home for my babies. Especially while they are as little as infants. #secondbaby was born February 22, 2016.  As other breastfeeding moms I’m sure can attest, working full-time outside the home and trying to care for kids, much less pump and breastfeed, is well nigh impossible. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. I’m incredibly thankful as I embark on this new journey as WAHM that I’m able to write and breastfeed #secondbaby and be at home for both my kids.

It’s crazy, but my #secondbaby is now over a year old. We are still breastfeeding!

If you’re a struggling parent who is trying to get to that next step where you can write and stay at home with your kids, I hear you. It feels like such a long, impossible journey. Follow my blog for encouragement, money saving tips, frugal recipes and updates on my journey as a romance writer.

My challenge is to write at least 240 words per day.

Follow me and comment. I’d love to hear from other creative moms/parents who have similar goals and dreams. It’s never impossible. Share your journey here and we’ll make it together!

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