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Stuart White grew up in an English industrial town close to Liverpool, birthplace of the Beatles. At the age of twenty-two he was in London working on newspapers including the Evening News, Daily Sketch and The Sun.

During his career he covered the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland, the drug wars in Colombia, the refugee crisis in Rwanda and Zaire, and was in Israel for the Scud missile attacks on Tel Aviv during the First Gulf War.

He also covered the civil wars in Croatia and Bosnia, flying twice into beleaguered Sarajevo. He has been shot at, shelled, arrested frequently, beaten up, and was once detained and deported from the African country of Malawi when he attempted to report on the plight of the Asian population there.

He has visited every continent in the world except Antarctica, a total of ninety-two countries, many of them on assignment. During his career he also spent two years in Hong Kong where he was city editor of a daily newspaper. He also lived for six months in the Persian Gulf working for the Gulf Daily Mail and helping set up a leisure magazine.

In 1994 he was made the America bureau chief of a British national newspaper and spent ten years in Los Angeles. During that time he covered among other stories the Oklahoma City bombings, and 9/11 – for which with two colleagues he drove non-stop the 2,800 miles from Los Angeles to New York when no planes were flying.

During his time in LA he was a frequent contributor to TV programmes like Hard Copy, Extra, and CNN. He has appeared frequently on BBC TV and radio in England, and in various documentaries.

He has written several newspaper and Magazine columns, including, “USA Diary,” “Departures”, (for Business Destinations magazine) and “One Man’s View,” the latter in Hong Kong’s China Mail.

He studied screenwriting in Hollywood and gave up journalism in 2005 to write full-time. He has a teenage daughter and lives variously in London and the South of France.

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